I want to blog about interests we have and how they come about and where they go. What do I even mean?

Essentially, everyone is brought into this world with a clean slate of likes and interests. It’s not until people become functional enough to make their own decisions that interests start to form.

Interests typically come about when an individual experiences something new and makes a decision to repeat that action. If you are truly interested in something, your future decisions will be impacted by this new found interest.

While we as humans are invited to be interested in as many things as we’d like, I think we are only capable of handling so many. When a new interest is discovered, an old one is forgotten, lost.

Lemme explain.

Interests can come in all shapes and sizes, triggered by reminders. Bigger interests, ones that attract more attention and time are not easily forgotten. The more effort put into an interest, the harder it will be to let that one fade.

Often times, people have a hard time changing interests when it comes to relationships or feelings with other human beings. This is because of the time invested in the other individual, it’s an interest that required a lot of attention, it cannot be easily forgotten.

Other interests may include something like golfing. Golfing is a huge interest for a lot of people, let’s say you like to golf.

Golfing is something you do every weekend with the guys and sometimes you make a little money doing it too. It’s fair to say you invest a decent amount of time in this interest.

Now let’s say that you had a shoulder injury playing with your kid and doc says no more golf for as long as you live, extreme I know…

This is an interest you’ve invested a lot of time and attention to, and now you are faced with a decision to either focus your limited amount of interest on other aspects of golf, or move it elsewhere.

If you are a person with a lot of interest like myself, I would suggest finding ways to combine them together, that way you can spend more time on things you like.

A simple formula to remember : Interest + Time = INTEREST

If you invest time into your interests they will grow and become stronger.

But the more time you have invested in an interest, the more time it will require from you.

Everyone pays interest. Interesting isn’t it?

Invest your time wisely my friends, until next time.


Here is a picture of me investing my time into something I like: Photography, Motorcycles, and Trains. I can’t tell you how these interests formed, but I do invest quite a bit of time into them.

I just love watching the cars getting towed one by one, very soothing and relaxing.

Trains and Motorcylces

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