Good News Everyone

I have actually begun to reconnect. Yes, I am so happy.

If you’ve been following with me, you’ll know that I’ve been disconnected from the world.

And now that I’ve seem to have found some sense of direction, you will be able to follow an entirely new journey of mine.

While the website it self will remain relatively unchanged, the content it offers will be increased, at least by my standards.

I’ve been making a lot of progress and I’m ready to share.

Today I want to speak about an idea that I think about quite often.

Is it possible that everything, and by everything I mean the start of the universe – the big bang

was this all created by mere chance, that small, minuscule chance that life was created long ago?

Possibly I guess, I mean look how far we’ve come already.

I’d like to think that this was all created by one superior being but I tend to learn more towards facts.

I know that things are constantly changing, the world, the universe.

And everything there within.

We humans are no different, and in the event that we got extremely lucky to ever have been created in the first place. It’s actually pretty hard to fathom the idea of each and every single of us is completely unique.

I am talking more about people’s minds, but maybe we aren’t as different as we all think.

Either way, life will always be something to ponder. It’s simply fascinating in every way, most likely because the answer will always be unknown.

And then you come across the question of well if we were this lucky, who says it couldn’t have happened elsewhere, other galaxies and universes.

It’s quite hard to fathom the amount of possibilities out there. I for one do not like to give it too much thought, I am more interested in living my life rather than thinking about it.

I think it’s important to appreciate the thought of where we could possibly have come from and what else exists. But just as important it is to focus on surviving.

We as humans are no different than animals. We live every day subconsciously focused on surviving.

Just like my dad used to say: “One Monkey Won’t Stop The Show”

Now, here is where things get good.

Think about this, for every person you interact with in the world, you’ve made an impact on the world and how things happen. Without you, the world would be completely different.

In the moment none of this really matters but the consistent actions over time will make a massive difference. Don’t ever forget how important your specific life is.

People often get so caught up in just living the day to day, they forget to think of things in this way. I myself am guilty of this too.

I just really enjoy taking the time to stop and think about things sometime. If you look at my earlier blog posts, you’ll notice there’s quite a drastic change in only one month or so.

Now, here is where things get even better.

I also like to post images that make people use their brains, can you tell me what you see right about this?

Something doesn't look right


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